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These shining characteristics make them have harmonious relationship with people around. Strengths Valiant, loyal, responsible, clever, courageous, lively Weaknesses Sensitive, conservative, stubborn, emotional See more about Destiny by Birth Month. Love Compatibility of the Dog.

Andi asks is your Birthday January 22nd...

Best Matches: Rabbit They are born to be a perfect match. Similar personality traits and common hobbies add much fun to their love relationship. They can understand each other and face difficulties with enough patience. Both of them are not willing to share inner true feelings. The lack of effective communication and trust won't bring a happy and relaxing marriage life. See more about Chinese Zodiac Sign Compatibility.

Pisces Dates of Birth

In general, people of Dog sign will have a year full of competitions in career, wealth and even love life. It would be better for them to maintain the status quo in career and do not involve in unprepared competitions. As for financial condition, investing in aquaculture might bring about benefits. They are advised to take actions immediately when the fleeting opportunities appear. During the Year of Pig, single people will have a large chance to fall in love with someone, but might engaged into competitions with other pursuers.

People born in the Dog years would have a good luck in marketing planning and improvements of work performance. They may get more money from financial projects, water conservancy projects, or catering projects.

Horoscope Yearly Predictions for Every Zodiac Sign | Allure

Dog's Personality by Western Astrology Signs. Dog's Personality by Blood Types. Extensive and stable interpersonal relationship can provide much necessary help to their career.

Planetary Row

In everything that you do, there is a people angle to it. Your confidence levels are very high.

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In fact, a number of people mistake your confidence for arrogance. At the same time, your past is very rich. Your experiences often serve you in good stead. People see you as quite knowledgeable. They often come to you for solutions to their real and imagined problems. And, you do not disappoint them! Your zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Your astrological symbol is the Water Bearer. This symbol exerts a lot of influence on all those born between January 20 and February During this period, the sun is in Aquarius.

The planet Uranus plays an important role in your life. It enables you to be loving, affectionate, and caring. Also, it empowers you to be fertile and youthful. Air is your cardinal element. It is the element of reality. It enhances your own sense of self-awareness.

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In fact, it works alongside earth, fire, and water to give your life its true meaning. The January 22 zodiac people are on the Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp. This is the Cusp of Mystery.

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You are shy but supportive, reassuring and caring. You have a strong sense of independence. You give respect, and you also demand the same from those around you.

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You handle matters with the weight they deserve. For this reason, some people perceive you to be too serious. Also, you are very adaptive. You pay close attention to details. This strong characteristic is uniquely yours. You and your fellow Cuspers are keen to avoid disagreements with family members. You tend to be peaceable, providing a lax environment within which the family members operate.

As such, your home tends to be peaceful. You are quite economical, and saving your money is right at the top of your priorities. In fact, you are so keen on saving that you sometimes leave some key needs unattended to. This sometimes puts you in conflict with friends and relatives. Be careful to avoid stress and tension in your life.

January 22 Zodiac

This is because people born on the Cusp of Mystery are predisposed to contracting neurological diseases because of accumulated stress. As a lover, you are attractive, caring, and versatile. You are quite adventurous, and you like exploring new possibilities. You concentrate on a person for some time, before you lose interest and move on to new challenges.

Under it you can see two tables that show how the astrological calendar is divided on the basis of the beginning and end of a sign. The zodiac signs are 12 and then you can read how someone born in January can be the sign of capricorn or aquarius. Please note that who was born on January 20 might also be aquarius according to your time of birth.


For this reason it is best to calculate your natal chart accurately and find out the exact degree falls on the Sun which tells us we belong to that sign. You can calculate your natal chart free online in this page. Then come back here and read the characteristics of your sign.